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The Democratic Civil Alliance – DCA
The plan to establish this alliance was originally made during the Syrian International Conference in Geneva at the end of January. (
The follow up committee of that conference met in Paris on the 2nd and 3ed of March and worked on producing the statement of the alliance which contained the broad lines of the transitional period which the alliance envisage and its political plan for indirect negotiations with the regime.
A committee of 11 people have been established to take forward the plans of this alliance and communicate with other forces which wish to join it, the members of this committee are: Louay Hussein, Dr Haytham Manaa, Dr Rim Turkmani, Dr Mouna Ghanem, Saleh Muslem, Rajaa Al Naser, Dr Abdel Azeez Al Khayer, Riad Drar, Faek Howija, Naser Ghazali and Majed Habou.
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