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Syrian International Conference For Democratic Syria and Civilian State
Monday-Tuesday 28-29 January 2013 Geneva

Introductory words of welcome (representative of the Associations organising the event),

Speech of Moncef Marzouki – Tunisia President ;

Intervention of Kais Azzawi – Ambassador of Iraq in the Arab League,

Adonis speech,

intervention of James A. Paul for the Global Civil Society

1st Round table: The Great challenge of the Democratic Project
Moderator: Jonathan Steele
Naser al Ghazali: Civilian State and Sectarianism
Mahmoud Djedidand : Production of Dictatorship and Violence in Syria
Riad Drar: Armed Islamic Movements and Democratic Perspectives

2nd Round Table: Production of Violence and Civil Society
Moderator: Anne- Marie Lizin
Haytham Manna: Violence and Democracy in Syria
Louay Hussein: Securitas State and the Abolition of Civilian Space
Faek Hwejeh: Human Rights in the discourse of the Military Opposition
Mounzer Halloum , The Question of Minorities
Tuesday 29 January 2013
3rd Round table: Protection of the Democratic Project
Moderator: Florence Mardirossian
William Bourdon: Perspectives for Truth, Accountability and Reconciliation in Syria
Khaled Issa: Democracy and Minorities Rights in Syria
Rim Turkmani: Development and Reconstruction in Syria
René Naba: Manufacturing of Violence and Sectarianism in the Media
4th Round Table: Chances and Opportunities of a Political Solution
Moderator: Jihad el Zein
Speakers: (More proposed speakers to be confirmed)
Raja al-Nasser

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